Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, Green Glass Fused Stoneware and Rhyolite Stone Bead Necklace



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For the wondering spirit... boho/natural/rusticThis is the third of my Gypsie style necklaces which I have offered here on Etsy...Each a bit different, just like every soul.This necklace is made from 19 inches of earthy green and brown/rust and cream/white Rhyolite stone beads. This necklace has an area of fused recycled glass unlike the other 2 gypsie necklaces I have offered here on etsy. The glass pool in this pendant has golden/green/leafy colors. The clay itself has a woven texture.Custom Length change is available. Thank you for your business! And thank you for buying handmade!For more information about me and my work visit my facebook page Artisan Clay, circle

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